What Are The Bottlenecks Of Natural Gas Power Generation?

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Natural gas power generation itself is a method of environmental protection and safety, but in the process of generating electricity, encountered the relevant resistance.

New energy batteries can choose to diversify the development, the same time in power generation, hydroelectric power, natural gas power generation, etc., but different power generation will encounter different problems.

Restricting the development of natural gas is due to gas source, gas prices and power generation equipment caused by three factors.

The natural gas market is clear to all, with developers, equipment manufacturers have the most attractive, but for operators, but not much attractive, and the outlook is not optimistic.

Gas source

Gas power generation relies on raw material power generation, which can not promote normal power generation without sufficient gas source. From the perspective of global operations, the gas source is still very rich, but how to deliver the effective origin to the place where people need it?

Gas prices

There is a large amount of capital and equipment demand for the exploitation and use of natural gas. In the meantime, with the use of imported natural gas, the price of natural gas is increased and the purchase of natural gas is also increased.

Power Equipment

The use of power generation equipment has promoted the economic development of equipment suppliers. However, to a certain extent, how to promote the effective operation of power generation equipment, it is necessary that economic and social benefits can be closely linked to promote social development.

The development of natural gas can not be ignored, but how to improve its competitiveness is a process that needs constant exploration and exploration.

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