UHV Transmission Tower-High Voltage Power Transmission Line

- Oct 12, 2018 -

380 meters, the highest tower of the world's highest power transmission tower was built in Zhoushan. The culmination means that Zhoushan power grid will be upgraded from 220 kV to 500 kV power grid, and the transmission capacity of island power grid will be significantly improved, which will meet the future demand of petroleum refining, storage and transportation projects in Zhoushan Islands New Area, Zhejiang Province.

Reporters on the scene to see, in a special seat under the lifting of double-arm arm arm holder, the lifting roof frame in 380 meters altitude slowly arrived at the designated position. The construction personnel stand in the 0.4 square meter hanging basket to fasten the tower material bolts, and through close cooperation with the holder operator, the tower material connection displacement error is controlled at 0.1 mm.

Peng Lixin, executive manager of Xihoumen Long-span and High-rise Tower Construction Project Department, said that the construction team had completed the construction tasks of 370 meters Zhoushan Transmission Tower and 296 meters South American Transmission Tower before, and accumulated rich experience for this project. It is reported that the tower is located in Jintang Island and Cezi Island, Zhoushan, with a total height of 380 meters and a span of 2656 meters. It has set a series of world records on the height, total weight, foundation opening and tower head size of the transmission tower.

The west gate large span tower is an important part of the 500 thousand volt interconnection project in Zhoushan. The project, which started construction on December 28, 2016, consists of 16 sub-projects, 2 new 500 kV substations and 3 million KVA substations, with a total investment of 4.62 billion yuan.

Zhoushan Archipelago New Area is the first archipelago New Area in China. The Zhoushan 500 kV interconnected power transmission and transformation project connects Ningbo and Zhoushan by means of ocean power transmission technology. It will fill the gap of 500 kV grid structure in Zhoushan Archipelago New Area and provide energy guarantee for its development.

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