State Grid Zhejiang Power To Enable China's First Internet + Smart Energy Dual Demonstration Base

- Dec 19, 2017 -

On November 30, State Grid Zhejiang Power formally launched the "Dual-demonstration Demonstration Base of Internet + Smart Energy" (hereinafter referred to as "Model Base"), the first of its kind in the energy industry based on the theme of "Internet + Smart Energy" Demonstration base, indicating that the traditional power transmission and distribution business to a new type of energy integrated services business has taken a giant step forward.

On the same day, the State Grid Zhejiang Power also released four "Internet +" products such as APP4.0, Power Cube, Energy Bean, and "Enjoy +", all of which are models of "Internet + Power Marketing" Innovation achievements in the field.

PDA PDA, the predecessor of APP4.0, is the main technical support for the "one run at a time" promotion by State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. "Now for the power business is really convenient, you see me, are on the phone to apply, do not have to run once!" By January next year, handheld power APP4.0 will bring more surprises. Through it, the user can monitor the electricity at home; take a photo upload can automatically identify the input image, eliminating the need for users to fill in the business steps.

In addition, Pocket Power APP4.0 also added a new electric magic cube, energy beans, "Zhen enjoy +" new service. In the electric cube, enter the family number, size and other basic information, it will be able to provide you with professional and personalized power decoration program and budget. According to the energy beans stored in the user-related information can calculate the user power level, and based on the specific power information to provide users with personalized service. In addition, "Enjoy enjoy +" is dedicated to business users, it can provide business users with scientific power index, exclusive manager, electrical class, equipment, medical services and other four services.

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