State Grid Zhejiang Power Staged Double 11 Power Supply In Mind

- Dec 19, 2017 -

China News Net Zhejiang News November 10, it is autumn, the weather is cool. In Jiaxing Yuantong Express headquarters in a small distribution room, from the State Grid Jiaxing Power Company Xu La and manufacturers representatives race against time to install five low-voltage circuit breaker 15 insulation outlet board, sweat from his helmet across from him Forehead flow down.

"A few days ago, Master Xu has been to trip, was unable to power outage operation, he said a few days later. Did not think it really came." Xu pull said to do, so Jiaxing Yuantong Express person in charge Zhang Jialiang Very touching. As double 11 approaching, they can only power half an hour, they can only choose noon period.

This reporter learned that double 11 the arrival of this online consumer carnival, Zhejiang power supply system is a test. At present, most of the domestic logistics industry sorting work with semi-automated distribution device with automation, some logistics enterprises have been fully automated distribution, which put forward higher requirements for power supply reliability. In addition, Zhejiang Province, as a major consumer network, has the second largest courier service in the country. Whether it is logistics delivery, or e-commerce orders shipped, the stability of the power supply equipment requirements are higher.

In order to "chop hand" are assured buy buy, the State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power to ensure that the double 11 online shopping feast power supply stability.

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