Solar Technology Is Used In The Field Of Transportation

- Dec 19, 2017 -

With the development of science and technology, solar energy technology continues to improve, in the near future, you will find that you no longer have to go to the gas station and gas trouble. Very absurd? No, this dream is coming soon.

Solar car

Maybe you've heard about solar cars long ago, yes, it has been years for R & D in technology and not too far from the moment of success. Most of the current solar cars, the design is designed for the solar car competition. The main obstacle to getting solar cars to average consumers is that they still require huge surfaces for solar panels. This also led to the design of the car may change your understanding of the car, whether from the outside or from the inside, there will be a big difference;

2. Solar aircraft

Solar aircraft research and development has not yet involved the manned or the goal is to manned, but the technology did not meet the requirements. Earlier, the Sunshine Power solar-powered aircraft successfully passed the United States to test-drive a larger travel target for 2015, when it will become the first solar-powered aircraft to sail around the world. At present, the Sunshine Power has been able to take off and land completely at its own speed of 64 km / h with a maximum flight altitude of about 11,887 meters. This record has been very shocking; In addition, in addition to the Sunshine Power, solar helicopters have also succeeded, but also prove that the professional level of solar energy design has entered the field of DIY.

3. Solar train

The first train in Europe to rely entirely on its own solar panels is Hungary's Vili train. The maximum speed of this train is about 24 km / h, which means it is not the ideal means of transport, but it is more suitable for sightseeing. There are currently tourists on the scenic route near Budapest.

4. International Space Station

Everybody may not be unfamiliar with this term any more, since the design of solar energy, the most powerful application of this. The International Space Station is an immortal feat in engineering, all of its electrical energy comes from solar energy. It is equipped with eight solar cell wings, each covering nearly 33,000 solar cells. These solar cells are double-sided, so they collect energy from both sunlight and Earth's reflected light. This also fully guarantees the power resources of the ISS.

The research and development of new solar energy is a benefit to the whole world. If this research and development can be successful, the resources saved for the earth are unknown each year. In addition, the protection of the environment is also a big help. I think the use of solar energy in transport will be successful in the near future.

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