Power Applications Internet Of Things To Promote Equipment Interconnection

- Dec 19, 2017 -

One yard through "RFID tag as a carrier, the tag in the storage device identity code, but also store the parameters of information, logistics, construction and other data.On the inspection site, operation and maintenance personnel through wireless scan code, you can quickly achieve device positioning, Operation and maintenance trajectory tracking and other applications, but also can achieve the equipment management information, intelligent operation and maintenance and provide refined data management support.

At present, State Grid Zhejiang Power Company has built a power IOT joint debugging platform, integrating 7,200 sets of RFID tags and 100 wireless sensor nodes, which have facilitated the application of Internet of Things in various business fields and effectively promoted the interconnection of power equipment. According to reports, to achieve "one yard through", the State Grid Zhejiang power equipment account maintenance time average from 1.5 hours reduced to 3 minutes, line operation and maintenance can save 0.3 hours / km, on-line temperature measurement of a single device by 2,000 yuan Reduce to 100 yuan, security measures into the cost savings of 8.5%.

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