China's UHV Commercial Operation Released Three Signals

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Signal one: energy transportation changes: coal transmission and transmission

UHV power grid is by increasing the transmission voltage, to achieve long-distance, high-capacity power transmission, it is vividly metaphor for power transmission "highway." Due to the high technical risks, large capital investment and unprecedented precedent in foreign countries, the construction of UHV power grids has always been the subject of controversy. The essence of the debate is "coal transportation or electricity transmission."

"Dredge coal to generate electricity nearby and then send it out via UHV power grids. The existing long-distance transportation of coal is used to directly send power to Hang Hau Power Station. This will be a major change in the allocation of energy resources in China after the UHV is put into operation. "

Signal two: "big power grid" era is coming

Compared with China's existing power grids in northeast, north, northwest, east, central and southern China, UHV power grids are nicknamed "big power grids" due to the realization of power transmission in a larger geographical area.

The monopoly of technology once made the construction of "big power grids" widely criticized. "Grids have natural monopoly attributes similar to those of networks such as railways, and the natural monopoly attributes of grids exist objectively, regardless of the UHV project."

Signal three: "Created in China" boarded the international arena

Only ambitious goals are not enough to build this world's most complex and advanced power grids, the support of technical equipment has become the key to the success of UHV power grid construction.

"In this project that represents the highest level of transmission and distribution technology in the world, we have mastered the core technology of UHV. All the equipment is made in China. No one is imported from abroad."

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