There are four deficiencies in wind power generation

- Dec 19, 2017 -

According to the electric power design company, in our country, the wind energy industry has developed rapidly in recent years and annual wind power generation capacity is also increasing. As of the end of last year, wind power installed capacity has reached 75 million kilowatts and has become the first in the world Wind power installed the most countries.

However, the development of wind energy industry, but also some problems, with the largest installed capacity of wind power in the first country, its curtailment of wind power is the first large-scale. In 2011, the amount of discarded electricity was 10 billion kwh, and the amount of discarded electricity in 2012 was 20 billion kwh. If you use coal to generate electricity, you would waste about 6 million tons of coal. This figure is very alarming, causing serious waste of resources.

With regard to the development of wind energy industry in China at present, there are four hurdles to be encountered in the development of wind power in the future. These are the planned power system is not smooth, the price mechanism is unreasonable, the wind energy is unevenly distributed and the power grid planning is inadequate. These problems are also obvious And the urgent need to solve the problem.

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