Power line related knowledge

- Dec 19, 2017 -

There are many kinds of power lines, which can be classified according to different situations. In accordance with the use of classification, power lines can be divided into distribution lines and transmission lines; in accordance with the erection of ways can be divided into underground cable lines and overhead power lines; in accordance with the type of transmission current can be divided into DC lines and AC lines.

It is with the existence of power lines, power can be safe, normal delivery out. In addition to the power transmission needs of power lines, but also need some power facilities. In order to ensure the normal power transmission. Overhead transmission lines and underground cables complement each other to form the power line transmission. Overhead transmission lines are mainly used towers and other facilities to play the line erected above the ground, and by the wire, overhead ground wire, insulator strings, towers, grounding devices and other components.

In short, power lines play an important role in power facilities and equipment.

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