Low temperature waste heat power generation technology related introduction

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Low-temperature waste heat power generation refers to the use of excess heat, to convert it into electricity a technology. This can be fully utilized by many manufacturing enterprises. For manufacturing enterprises, such as steel production enterprises, chemical companies, cement and petrochemical enterprises will have greater heat. Utilizing the waste heat generated by the waste gas, waste residue, waste steam, etc. of these enterprises for power generation is a resource-saving and environment-friendly technology that benefits the country and the people. Compared with thermal power generation, nuclear power generation, waste heat power generation does not need to consume energy, it will not produce excess pollution. The use of waste waste heat resources can create a lot of value.

Waste heat power generation generally require waste heat boiler for power generation. The use of waste heat is not the same. Some use direct waste heat for power generation, some indirectly. Indirect use refers to the use of heat converted to other energy sources, such as generating steam for power generation.

In short, waste heat power generation is a power generation technology that benefits the country and the people. At present, China's waste heat power generation is not yet very popular. Increase waste heat power generation facilities, is an initiative of sustainable development.

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