Electric reform: preparation of building electricity trading institutions Clean energy barrier-free access

- Dec 19, 2017 -

According to the requirements of the National Development and Reform Commission, Shenzhen launched the reform of transmission and distribution prices on January 1, 2016. In the past, the power grid enterprises relied on the profit model of "low price to buy electricity price online, high price to sell electricity price" instead of adopting the mode of "allowable cost plus reasonable income". That is: the state control transmission and distribution prices, and no longer control the Internet tariff and sales price.

The significance of the above reform lies in the fact that large electricity generation households and major electricity purchasers can talk about their prices well in the future and transport them directly to the power transmission and distribution prices provided by power grid companies according to the country. Grid companies charge the net fee according to the transmission and distribution price approved by the government, and no longer regard the spread between the transmission price and the selling price as the main source of income.

Lin Boqiang, director of China Energy Economy Research Center of Xiamen University, pointed out that paying attention to the price of power transmission and distribution is equivalent to liberalizing the price of power generation and sales to increase competition. "The future price of water, gas prices, and rail freight price reform can also promote such reforms."

21st Century Business Herald It is learned that at present, different types of power generation companies have different costs and prices of Internet access are different. For example, the most expensive photovoltaic about 1 yuan, the cheapest hydropower, only about 2 hair.

If you do not solve the issue of different prices of electricity, may make power users tend to use low-cost electricity. Photovoltaic power generation may be wasted as a clean energy source. To this end, even Villen pointed out that the next step is to gradually increase the proportion of clean energy in the entire energy.

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