Distribution and substation difference

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Often hear the distribution and substation these two claims. In fact, distribution substations and substations are very different. Power Design Company with you to understand.

Substation is mainly responsible for the high-voltage electricity into low-voltage, in order to achieve the output power and to achieve the role of users. The power distribution does not exist in the transformer function, mainly to achieve the user's power distribution, control, security and protection functions. In other words, the main substation voltage changes, the distribution of electricity is to achieve the distribution of work.

Substation and substation are the same concept. Transformer is the core of substation equipment, it can use the principle of electromagnetic induction, voltage conversion. Power distribution center is the main switchgear electrical equipment, including high voltage circuit breaker switches, busbars, surge arresters, power capacitors and so on. Mainly through these devices to control the transmission of electricity and protect the safety of residential electricity.

Residents of electricity are inseparable from substations and substations. The two complement each other to form an effective power grid. Visible, the importance of distribution and substation.

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