Detailed intelligent substation which features

- Dec 19, 2017 -

First of all, intelligent substation and the whole network close contact

The intelligent substation plays an important role in the smart grid system. It is conducive to the close linkage of all links in the whole network. The smart grid is more unified, preventing and controlling the occurrence of interconnected grid operation accidents, and achieving more unified coordination among levels. And form a unified smart grid joints and ties. This makes the entire network more aware of the intelligent substation has become an important part of the power grid in the power grid to play an irreplaceable role and function.

Second, intelligent substation support smart grid

Intelligent substation automation and intelligent features, from the design and operation level, should be consistent with the smart grid, you can let the smart grid in a safe, stable, efficient, environmentally friendly and open environment to run. Hardware integration and optimization of devices can achieve better results, software can also be better with the difference.

Again intelligent substation to meet the UHV transmission grid

UHV transmission lines in the smart grid is an important transmission grid, in a certain degree of technical difficulty, what we have to face are large-capacity and high voltage. High-voltage substation intelligent substation can meet the UHV transmission grid, which can effectively solve the problem of equipment insulation, disconnection and switching, and therefore plays an important role in the UHV transmission grid equipment.

Finally, low-voltage substation intelligent access to distributed power

The smart grid will have access to intermittent distributed power sources such as wind and solar, and intelligent substations can do this, whether it is technology or management, hardware or software, which takes into account the interconnection of distributed power sources Problems, thus forming a new mode of grid and distribution network operation.

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