What We Do?

Qingdao Huijintong Power Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer producing various galvanized steel structures

including Lattice Angle Steel Tower, Steel Tube Tower, Communication Tower, Steel Pole, Substation Structure, Solar Bracket, Radio & Television Tower, Plant Structure and Misc. Steel Structures, etc. used for 1000kV extra-high voltage and below voltage levels of transmission lines.

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Hot Products
  • High Voltage Transmission Towers
    High Voltage Transmission Towers

    Product Description: High Voltage transmission towers with Zinc coating Product Introduction:...

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  • Transmission Tower
    Transmission Tower

    Product Description: Steel transmission tower with coating of hot-dipped galvanization. Product...

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  • Transmission Pole
    Transmission Pole

    Product Description: Steel transmission pole with coating of hot-dipped galvanization. Product...

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  • Hybrid Lattice Tower
    Hybrid Lattice Tower

    Product Description: Hybrid transmission tower,lattice steel tower coated with galvanization and...

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  • Lattice Angle Tower
    Lattice Angle Tower

    Product Description: Lattice angle steel tower coated with galvanization. Product Introduction:...

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  • Over Head Transmission Line
    Over Head Transmission Line

    Product Description: 35KV -500 KV Overhead transmission line tower Product Introduction:...

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  • Self Supporting Tower
    Self Supporting Tower

    Self supporting tower has good adaptability to all terrains and environments. The surface...

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  • Electrical Transmission Tower
    Electrical Transmission Tower

    Product Description: Electrical transmission tower in compliance with the international...

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